My Source for Current Events

I admitted to my husband the other day that my major source for news is New York Magazine. Really was his response. I’ll admit, it’s probably not the most complete source of news, but it’s better than not being up on current events. Right?  Sure there’s Facebook and Twitter, but who’s going to admit to using their friend’s status update as the best way to know what’s going on in the world? I, for one, would never do something like that. Ok, I have been known to do that on occasion, but only on occasion. Otherwise, I look to a trusted source of journalism like New York Magazine. It features current events, trends, food, and the goings on of New Yorkers. What’s not to love? Best of all, the last page is The Approval Matrix – my all time favorite. A visual representation of the editor’s taste.  If not for this last page, I would be much less informed.

For example, the latest matrix shows that the new show Undercover Princes on TLC is somewhat Brilliant and definitely Lowbrow.   I had no idea that TLC was producing such a show that raised cultural awareness.  Also , did you know that the The Atlantic recently published that a parasite in cats is making us sloppy dressers, bad drivers, and schizophrenics. Who knew? So, what if you’re a sloppy dresser, bad driver and a schizophrenic, but don’t own a cat?  What does that mean?  Or, my personal favorite on this week’s Approval Matrix – did you know there is a whole Etsy store dedicated to cat neckties?

I’m not not a cat person. But I think If I had a cat, I might totally want to get it a necktie. I wonder what The Atlantic thinks about that?

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