My Obsession with H&M

I have a bit of an obsession with H&M.  Surprise, surprise.  It all started in France.  First the crepe, then H&M.  I’m not sure what came over me when I landed in that country, but I fell in love with everything.  The food, the people (except for the drunk man on the subway and the other guy that offered me something that looked like food, but didn’t resemble anything I had ever seen before), the country houses, the amazing chateaux, the monuments and of course the shopping.  I felt like Meg Ryan in French Kiss when she gestures toward the countryside and says “Look, isn’t this beautiful?”  That’s all I did when I was in France – gesture and say isn’t this beautiful – in Versailles, when eating a crepe, in front of the Eiffel Tower and upon entering my first H&M.  It was all so beautiful.

Anytime after that, when traveling in Europe, all I cared about was finding the nearest H&M location.  Who cares about the tulips in Amsterdam, where is that H&M?  Or what’s the big deal about the beautiful German countryside?  Yes, yes the hills are alive, much like in Austria.  But do these hills have an H&M nearby?  Maybe it wasn’t that bad.  I’m not completely devoid of appreciation for things not inside a store.  It’s just that the H&M presence was lacking in Texas, I was a bit obsessed and Europe was my chance to marvel inside my favorite store.  Some people souvenir shop, H&M was my equivalent.  Who needs a postcard when you can get a cool sweater to remember your trip.  Right?

So when the first pop up store came to town, I had to check it out.  It didn’t matter that the selection was limited, nor did it matter that it was mostly red and black in theme.  I had to see it.  When the first full-scale shop arrived, so did I.  Who cares how far it was or what type of traffic I would have to face, what mattered was that H&M was finally in Dallas.

There is something about fashion that draws me in.  And there is something about this Swedish company that can turn around today’s fashion, today, at a fraction of the cost.  The fraction of a cost means it doesn’t carry a designer label and that sometimes well-priced or not, the quality of fabric doesn’t quite agree with me, but overall it’s a great place to shop.

Just a few reasons why I love H&M.

1.  For the most part anything I discovered in Paris, I fell in love with immediately.  H&M was no different.

2.  Well-priced, current fashion for this ever-changing fashion crazed person.

3.  Did you know they have a kid’s line?  What’s not to like?

4.  They are now in several locations in Texas.  Heaven.

5.  Not only are they in Texas, but they just opened a location 5 miles from my house.  And it’s close to my secret parking spot in that crazy mall. Bonus!

6.  Did I mention great prices?  I love fashion, but I love my budget too.

This past weekend, my husband and I happened to have some time to ourselves so we made the trek to check out our new local shop.  There’s no doubt, he loves me.

A couple of things I want now.

This sweater.  It was a bit pricey, but completely understandable given the beading.  Love the neon and khaki.

Again with the bright colors and neutral tones.  Such a great dress.  Even for a non-floral kind of gal like myself.

Just for fun and not for reals.  Maybe for Halloween.

Only Lola benefitted from clothing on this particular trip, but I left inspired.  A word to the wise, should you venture to H&M for the first time, go first thing in the morning.  I’m not the only that shops at H&M and crowds are just no fun when you’re browsing a store for the first time.

2 thoughts on “My Obsession with H&M

  1. I’ve wanted to visit the H&M store in Dallas for a long time, now. Maybe one of these days, I’ll make it! I appreciate the opportunity to visit it through your post!

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