If I owned a farm

It may be a secret to most, might even be a bit of a shock, but I wish I had a small farm.  I am a complete city girl, but there is something so appealing about a farm.  Maybe I imagine wearing a cool caftan, while drink iced tea on my front porch as I look out over the farm.  Maybe that has something to do with it.  But maybe it’s something else.

Your first question might be, “Did you grow up on a farm?”  To which I would respond, Nope.  I did grow up in the middle of nowhere, small town Texas.  We lived on quite a bit of land.  Not really farming land, but definitely not a city lot.  I spent a decent amount of time on that land, despite my fear of snakes and spiders.  Lots of land=lots of snakes and spiders.  Shudder.  None of my neighbors had a farm, but some did raise animals for sale.  One of my neighbors had cows.  I sometimes road my bike down to pet the cows.  This random tidbit about me doesn’t explain why I want to own a farm, but it was a lovely memory.

You might then wonder if I have ever “farmed” anything growing up or now.  Without fail, I was constantly trying to grow apple trees as a kid.  I would save the seeds from my apple and I would promptly go out to our front yard and plant them.  I’m not sure why, but I never saw any results.  I bet it had something to do with the snakes and spiders.  In college, I typically had some herbs on our balcony – mint, basil, etc.  I wasn’t quite the seasoned chef I am now so I didn’t craft wonderful dishes with my fabulous herbs.  They were mostly for show then.  I did try to grow some herbs, tomatoes and peppers when we bought our house, but poor planning, lack of time and knowledge led to a poor showing of peppers and herbs.  Translate – most of the plants did not survive.  The plants that survived would most likely make it through a nuclear fall out or zombie invasion and had nothing to do with my abilities.

I haven’t given up on the farming/growing idea.  I recently pinned a DIY Raised Garden Bed.  That’s a start, right.  I’m also completely fascinated by the idea of having chickens for fresh eggs or cute little goats.  Our city limits really aren’t in the habit of encouraging farm animals, but even if we could have animals there is a slightly bigger obstacle to overcome.  Our insane dogs.   The chickens would never lay eggs and would mostly die of stress induced heart attacks.  Squirrels steer clear of our yard after having lost some comrade in arms so there is no telling what would happen to those cute little goats.  In the meantime, I will settle for creating a must-have list if I owned a farm.

At the top of the list are these little guys.  What’s a farm without a goat in a sweater?  Right?

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