Day 9 on Day 10 – Photo of a younger me

Yes, I’m a day late posting.  I blame it on the 2.0 version of me that wanted to “sleep” in my bed while her dad was on a camping trip with his friends.  And by sleep I mean that my daughter had a sudden need to express her love for me every two minutes, give me lots of hugs and kisses, want to cuddle and ask what I’m doing ever other minute.  I should be so lucky that she chose this moment to turn into a cuddle monster.  So I’m a day late.

Check out those Pjs.  Classic, zippered footie pajamas.  Best pajamas ever.  Why yes, my ears were pierced at an early age, and I’m pretty sure those are hoops and not just stud earrings.  It’s a miracle my ear lobes have survived this long.

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