Week’s worth of Photo a Day

Wow, it’s been a long time and now I have a week’s worth of photos.  Here goes.

Day 23 – Vegetable.  It was a vegetable at one point before it got blended and smoothed.  Yum.

Day 24 – Something I’m grateful for…I’m grateful for this girl.  She keeps me sane at work.  One can never be grateful enough for those that bring sanity to your life during the course of the day.

Day 25 – Looking Down…I was looking down, the goat was kinda looking down.  It all worked out great and my toes were not in the picture.

Day 26 – Black and White…Taken outside a gas station in San Antonio.  My daughter thought the dog was driving.  I went along with it.

Day 27 – Somewhere I went….while in San Antonio we went to the Crossfit South Central Regional Competition.  The level of fitness and heart of these people was awesome.

Day 28 – 1 pm…It wasn’t quite 1, but it was still within the hour.  Fabulous lunch with the in-laws.

Day 29 – Circle…the fan in our room because we live in Texas and we need all the help we can get to keep things cool.

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