Today’s Obsession – Understated Neon Sandals

I spied these sandals one day and they immediately attached themselves to the part of my brain that says I must have these. 

I noticed the khaki and neon blend as I hurried past the shoe area in Target trying to stay focused on why I was there to begin with.  I made a mental note.  I must have those sandals. Maybe not today, but someday.  They are great for this season not too neon, not too plain, they’re just right said the little bear.

So the other night when once again, running through the aisles of Target, I decided that day would be the glorious day I would own those sandals.  I had already imagined the outfits that I would pair them with.  This was going to be the best day ever! 

When I looked for them on the end cap, they were no longer there.  That must mean they are on sale and have been moved down the aisle.  Score!  On sale, even better.  Totally a justifiable purchase.  But again, no luck.  I looked through every aisle twice just to make sure I hadn’t missed them.  I gave up.  They must have only existed at whichever of the 5 targets I frequent.  No biggie, just more driving.  I started to head down the main aisle again, when I spotted by beloved sandals….in the children’s section.  All my hopes and dreams came crashing down around me at that moment in the middle of the Target aisle.  I screamed aloud NOOOOOOO and fell to my knees crying.  I’m kidding I didn’t really do that. 

But I did have all sorts of questions.  Why are these cute sandals only made for kids?  Why couldn’t they have made mommy/daughter matching sandals?  Don’t people still do that?  Don’t think I didn’t think about fitting my ginormous foot into the largest size they had.  Thankfully, think does not equal do.  I didn’t actually try that.  I still have some semblance of sanity despite my apparent obsession with kid’s shoes.  Back to the drawing board.  So many outfits will miss out on this perfect blend of neon and natural this summer.  I think I hear my clothes weeping.

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