Lunchbox Envy

This past spring my daughter took the day off from her regularly scheduled programing and went to the Zoo for the day with some neighborhood friends.  I was fortunate to drive Lola and Molly to the zoo.  This is the conversation that ensued on the drive to the zoo.

Lola: Yay! We’re going to zoo camp!

Molly: Yay!

Lola (proud owner of a new Hello Kitty lunch bag):  Do you want to see my lunch bag?

Molly:  Yes.

Lola starts to show everything in her lunch bag…crackers, ham, pirate’s booty, water, oreo cookies to share.

Lola:  What’s in your lunch, Molly?

Molly:  Two cheese sticks…

Lola interrupts (I see this coming a mile away):  Moooooom, you didn’t pack me a cheese stick.

Good gravy, you would think the oreos would make up for that, but not so.  Not so at all.

Me:  Sorry, Lola.  Mommy forgot.  Sometimes that happens.

Lola:  I really wanted a cheese stick.

Lola then proceeds to become quiet and quite sad like.

Molly the sweetest kid on earth and in tune with other’s feelings says: Lola, what’s wrong?

Lola:  I’m sad (she might have even sniffled a bit as she stared longingly out the window)

Molly:  Why are you sad?

Lola:  Because my mom forgot to pack me a cheese stick.

Molly:  Pause, then, you can have one of my cheese sticks. (Sweetest kid on earth)

Lola instantly brightens as all is right in the world again.

I’m not sure what to think except that I’m thankful Molly is much better at sharing than Lola and that I’m insanely glad Molly’s mom packed an extra cheese stick.  I contemplated stopping to purchase a cheese stick at a gas station on the way, but thought better of it when the closest gas station had bars over the windows.


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