Big Zizter

Most parents are marked with a note of concern that is wholly dependent on our expectations and stage of life.   It’s easy to spot us in the crowd.  We are the ones with furrowed brows, holding our breath while our child performs for the world.  Hoping against all hope that somehow this won’t be a bad reflection of our parenting skills.

Please note that this mark of concern does not make one a good or bad parent.  It’s not good or bad to be concerned about your child and whatever else plagues you that plagues them – their ability to bend the ball like Beckham, their correct Mandarin pronunciation, or in our case spelling.  I know, I know.  She’s only 4.  How crazy are we?  It’s simply the mark of parenthood.  If as a parent you are not concerned about some aspect of your child’s life – potty training, sleeping, eating, their faith, hand-eye coordination, social interactions – then please call me.  I need to know your secret or what drugs you are taking.

So recently, we took this video of Lola spelling.  Don’t judge.  A six-year-old just won the Spelling Bee.

Seriously though, this post really isn’t about spelling.  I’m only kidding about the spelling.  She’s only 4.  Ok, I’m only slightly concerned.  But it was a cursive S, easily mistaken for Z.  So, we should be ok, right?  What if this somehow makes it on her transcript?  I should delete this YouTube video before it affects her future entry into Ivy League schools.

Aside from the spelling, Yay!  Lola is going to be a Big Zizter.

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