A new life aspiration

I recently attended Cirque De Soleil’s The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour.  It was Amazing.  Unbelievably so.  The music, the dancing, the typical Cirque performances.  Amazing.  Watching the performers I couldn’t help but think about this life they had chosen.  The life of performance – of possible low pay, probably no health care and general instability all for the love of it.  Of course in some countries to be part of a performing group is an honor and so maybe it’s not such a hard sell when your child says, “I’m joining the circus!”  But government and countries aside, I’m sure that parents all over the world unite in the hope that their child will one day choose an expected career – doctor, engineer, teacher, farmer.  There’s safety in that, right?  Isn’t that what every parent wants for their child – safety and stability?  Not much safety or stability in joining the circus or becoming a performer.

But what wouldn’t you give up safety to dance like Michael Jackson?  Why wouldn’t you choose a circus life if it meant moon walking and general fabulous moves over saving lives or growing corn?  Unless of course you were teaching others how to dance like Michael Jackson – totally a worthwhile career if you ask me.  And really, dancing is considered therapeutic, possible even life-saving, right?  I’m not sure that it can help you grow corn, but it probably makes for an easier harvest if you are dancing away to a little MJ.

Needless to say I loved it.  I was sad that I Lola wouldn’t grow up with the tortured genius that is MJ.  There’s always YouTube, right?  Don’t think we haven’t talked it up and started showing her his moves.

On a side note, I think it might be a new life aspiration to learn MJ’s moves.  According to Lola they are super easy, so I think I might have a shot.

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