The problem with writing…

Is writing. I know, profound. There are times…there are times in which I amaze myself.

Seriously though, writing can be so down right difficult. Let’s start with my main problem – the endless distractions.  I’m not even counting my kiddo asking for help in the bathroom as a distraction.

Oh to have lived in an age when there was nothing to do but sit and write or read. I’m not sure when that was, but that’s all they did in Pride and Prejudice, right? Today the distractions are endless. I’m trying to finish a post on Today’s Obsession because I haven’t written in forever and the second I put my fingers on the keyboard, my mind wanders. Hmmm…I wonder what is on TV. Or better yet, I wonder what new movies are out on iTunes. Oh, I wish the new season of Dexter or Breaking Bad would load on iTunes per episode instead of all at once after the season is over. Speaking of, I wonder if Game of Thrones Season 2 is out on Amazon Instant Video, yet. Nope. Wonder what’s trending on Twitter? Looks like someone just posted a comment on Facebook. Oh here’s that funny Gotye YouTube video I’ve been meaning to watch. What was I doing?

If you ever get past the distractions, then there’s the actual writing. Poke me eye out. My only consolation is that to write is to work per well-known authors. If they say it must be true, right? Not only have they said it, but it’s published. That’s right. It is printed that it is work to sit down and write. I’ve read book after book of writer’s discussing the difficulty that is writing. Staring at a blank page with nothing to say. Willing the words to flow easily. This is why distractions are so distracting. Much more fun to read @HonestToddler tweets than to stare at a blank page.

I just wasted 2 minutes looking at the 50 people you wish you knew in real life.

This one has to be one of my favorites.

I’m not sure if I will ever finish my Today’s Obsession post.  Definitely not today, anyway.

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