Food glorious food – Avocados

It’s a new year and I no longer have the pregnancy excuse.  You know, the excuse where you should eat better precisely because you’re pregnant and yet those donuts/chocolate chip cookies/mini bunt cakes/etc are constantly calling your name.  Resistance is futile.  Not to mention, people typically encourage you to eat.  Eat what you want, you deserve it.  And so you think, why not?  Why shouldn’t I eat everything in sight?

Unfortunately the lasting effects are not nearly as gratuitous.  Which means it’s time to start making better food choices.  Not just because there’s some extra weight hanging around, but also because my daughter’s idea of dinner is a fried egg, pirate’s booty and oreos.  It could be worse, right?  So I’ve been on the recipe hunt.  I recently ran across a recipe for Brussel Sprouts with a Honey Srirracha Lime Sauce.  AMAZING!

Now I’m obsessed with avocados.  How can you not with these recipes?

A Green Salad



Smashed Avocados



Creamy Pasta Verde with Garlic Brown Butter Breadcrumbs


Ok, so in excess amounts, these not be totally healthy, but it’s better than fast food.  It has to be….it has avocados in it.

6 thoughts on “Food glorious food – Avocados

  1. You’re back 😉
    yum! Avocados are the perfect food…and my second favorite right after mashed potatoes!!
    (it was the first food both girls ate–remember that for E later)
    And can I have the brussel sprouts recipe??

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