Late to the Game – Raw Denim

My Google Reader is out of control…thousands and thousands of unread blog posts. I love these blogs and the bloggers that write these posts. They inspire me. They help feed me and my family. They are my constant companion when I have exhausted Facebook and Twitter. These posts are my source for news, trends, food, and miscellaneous knowledge. But I fell behind in my reading and now I’m overwhelmed. So I’m catching up, one amazing blog post after another, and I’m a little late to the game on a few things. And by few things, I mean a lot. We elected a new president and new TV seasons have begun!  The holidays came and went. I missed the entire elf on a shelf trends for this year. I didn’t cook a single new recipe until February.  I’m not even sure what DIY thing to start first.  And that’s not all, there’s this new/old trend in denim called raw denim or dry denim.

Not for the first time and most likely not for the last, I turn to my husband the other night and say, “I’m reading about this crazy thing called raw denim.” To which he responds, oh yeah, like it’s old news. How  does this always happen?  That man is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to current events.  But the question is, am I really that behind? Did I give up on the world during my pregnancy,  or maybe I was too focused on stretchy fabric to worry about raw denim.

I stumbled upon raw denim when reading a past entry of one of my many favorite bloggers. The writer was given a pair of raw denim jeans to wear for 6 months, because, crazy, that’s what you do with raw denim. You wear it for 6 months before washing. Sometimes you wear it forever before washing. What? My husband read that your raw denim jeans have the same level of bacteria as everyday denim that is washed more often. How is that possible? Don’t they get smelly?

I’m not sure how I feel about this raw denim thing, but some things are clear….

  1. I can see the appeal by the pics of these people’s jeans. Great looking jeans with a finish that is unique to the wearer. Don’t you just want to be this mom and own those jeans?  But that’s the beauty, you can’t.  Those are her jeans and look the way they do because of her.  The pressure!  What if I get a pair of raw denim jeans and they end up looking terrible.  Is that possible? There are more where these came from if you care to see people in jeans worn for two months straight.


2. The washing – when you do wash them, it seems a bit complicated. Do I have time for complicated in my life? But then again you only do it every few months or never….that might appeal to my sense of lazy. The jeans below haven’t been washed in 15 years. That’s pretty easy, right?  Oh and apparently, the smelly concern?  Nothing a little febreeze and fresh air won’t fix.  Or so they say.


3. There is no way I can justify my last ever, until they fall apart, purchase of jeans until I shed some of this baby weight.  What else can I say.

4. Saves money, space, time, the environment if you only own one pair. There’s something about raw denim production and how the low impact on the environment – if you’re into that sort of thing. Minimalism and saving the environment are totally overrated. Get rid of clutter and have a cleaner earth, whatevs….crazy hipsters.



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