Staying at Home….Now What

I recently made the decision to quit my job and stay at home.  This means it’s baby and 5-year-old time, 24-7.  TWENTY FOUR SEVEN, PEOPLE.  24-7.


Ok, not really.  They sleep for 12 of those 24.  Actually, the baby sleeps even more than that when you include naps and car rides.  Oh, and the 5-year-old is in pre-K through May, so it’s not quite 24-7.  Actually, I’m really just sitting around catching up on all sorts of awesome TV.  I think I read somewhere that this will eventually change.  There will be loads and loads and more loads of laundry to do.  There’s also the dogs  that have to be fed, the shower I have to squeeze in at some point, dinner to be made, general cleaning, deep cleaning, special cleaning, pick up and drop offs, places to volunteer, gardening to do, household projects, diapers to change, groceries, obligatory Target visits, exercise, the list goes on.  Right?  All the while, I’m still trying to be me.  I think I need a nap now.

As crazy as that all sounds, I’m hoping to find some time for fun because it doesn’t matter if you work or stay at home or don’t have kids.  If you’re not having fun, then you’re not having fun people.  What’s the point, if there is no joy?

That’s right, we did the Harlem Shake.

4 thoughts on “Staying at Home….Now What

    • Definitely not the better woman, Heather. I’m sure Lola and Eli will require therapy at some point. Hopefully the Harlem Shake will help ease their (and mine) pain and suffering. 🙂

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