What I did on my Spring Break

There is a certain sadness that overcame me in the years after I left college. No more fall and spring semesters, winter break, spring break, summer vacation. Except for my short stints with an educational travel company, those markings of time vanished when I joined the ranks of the corporate world. No more papers and essays and yet I was envious when people referred to their summer break plans or their recent Spring Break Ski Trip. But now it’s back, with my daughter in a new Pre-K and soon to be in Kindergarten, we have begun marking time by the school calendar again.
So on our first Spring Break we went to San Antonio and this is what we did.

We went fishing.


We didn’t catch a thing or rather my father in law caught a fish but as luck would have it, we lost the only fish we caught. Big hole in the basket or miracle catfish. I think miracle catfish. On a side note, I’m not sure what has happened, but I’ve lost all skill when it comes to fishing. I guess it’s better this way because I really spend more of my time entertaining my 5-year-old.

We caught up with my husband’s high school friend’s. I love these people though I didn’t grow up with them from second grade. I love their bonds and their willingness to open themselves up to others. And between us all, there are enough kids to field a soccer team.


We went hiking and camping. This is what happens when you bring along a too expensive camera so instead of asking someone to take the picture you use a rock as a tripod.


or this


3rd time’s a charm.


That little striped bundle you see is our 3 month old. I got an overly priced wrap that people in Guatemala use to carry their kids around all day. That wrap though overly priced and sometimes daunting to put on is well worth it. My back was loving it until I fell asleep on the hard ground that night. No wrap exists that will make your back feel better as you try to sleep on the hard ground.

Before we got to the camp site, their were two pictures that inspired this post.

Beware Coyotes…


I know it’s probably offensive to someone somewhere, but how could I not take a picture of this? I grew up in a small town. Coyotes, fences and ranches are no shock, but never in my life have I seen a warning to coyotes. Never. I’m just glad I saw this in the light of day what with my irrational fear of country roads at night and all.

And then there was the man on a unicycle riding down the road with us.


I wouldn’t say it’s a 5 line freeway, but it’s not exactly the road less travelled either. Again, I grew up in a small town where there are plenty of roads for unicycle riding and yet, I never witnessed it.

How can I person not look forward to Spring Break from here on out?

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