Dance Like No One’s Watching

This year marks the 30 year anniversary of my hometown dance studio. I’m so thankful to Renee for the bright spot she provided during those awkward junior high and early high school years. I’m also incredibly thankful to my parents for the financial sacrifice they made so that I could participate in dance. I didn’t become a professional dancer or anything of the like, but I had the rare opportunity to be part of something that I loved. My only regret was quitting dance too early.
So when Renee contacted her alumni for a reunion dance at this year’s recital, I jumped at the chance. After the initial euphoric state of denial wore off, I quickly regretted this decision because I recently (and by recently I mean 5 months ago) had a baby. Translation = I’m not at my healthiest body shape to put it nicely. I also haven’t performed a choreographed dance in AGES. AGES. I watched the video and freaked out because everything looked complicated. Throwing your arms around, shaking your booty and acting a fool is TOTALLY different from learning a dance. Oh my God, what was I thinking signing up for this? I’m going to look like a crazy fool in front of so many people. OH NO!!!!
I did my best to learn the steps but just to cover myself, I let my dance teacher know that it was quite possible that I may truly suck. When in doubt, self-deprecate. To which she kindly reminded me that we would be having fun. Right. Fun.
I’m guessing she must have sensed apprehension from others since she recently posted this quote. Dance from your heart and love your music and the audience will love you in return. Here’s to dancing like no one is watching or maybe just loving it no matter what because it’s fun.


Oh yeah, that’s me in the top right hand corner. I totally didn’t make that blurry on purpose. Promise.

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