The Secret to a Happy Marriage


I am in the process of reading an awesome book.  Really awesome book.  I find myself totally relating to the author and often laughing out loud or shaking my head vigorously in agreement.  I think my husband finds this trait endearing.  Who doesn’t love it when someone is cracking up right beside you – it’s awesome.  It’s like they are tempting you to ask what’s so funny.  I personally find it annoying, but my husband is awesome and he thinks it’s adorable.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

Last night I started cracking up, physically shaking with laughter as I was reading.  I didn’t even wait for my husband to ask me what was so funny.  I launched into the explanation and the subsequent paragraph that had caused such a reaction.  It all had to do with parenting which is a topic you have to laugh about or you will often find yourself crying.  The author decided that in the month of August she is over feigning fascination with stories that have no point told to her by her kids.  The author’s suggested solution – skip geography in school and teach storytelling skills.  As well as, carrying a buzzer around and when the story doesn’t end within two minutes she will buzz loudly and walk away.  Couldn’t even finish that last sentence I was laughing so hard.  Hilarious.

My husband’s response, so do you think they could do a storytelling skill class for adults?

Hilarity.  That my friends is the secret to a happy marriage.

PS.  It’s no secret to me or my husband that I’m a terrible storyteller.  Not only am I distracted by shiny objects which make for long pauses and increase the possibility that I forget I’m even telling a story, but often my stories have no point.  I wish they did have storytelling classes for adults.

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