Random thoughts on the first day of Kindergarten


Lola is beyond thrilled.  Her friend Vivian is in the same class so that helps.  Those two were insanely cute.  Vivian saved Lola a seat and told her to hang her backpack up next to hers.  Adorbs.

Lola was half-dressed when she ran into our room to wake me up.  Little did she know I got up early to work out so as not to be tardy on the first day of school.  On a side note, my hot water heater would like to thank Crossfit this morning as it is impossible to take a hot shower when one is still so overheated post workout.

That kid can be a crazy rule follower when she wants to be.  She overheard us talking about what is allowed and not allowed with school uniforms.  Bent on making a good impression she wore white socks instead of colorful ones and a black headband rather than one with color.  The conversation that followed these revelations:

Me: What do we do if someone in our class is not wearing a uniform or wearing something different?

Lola:  We tell the teacher?

Me:  Nope, we don’t do anything.  We let the teacher take care of it.

Rule followers are also known as tattle tales with the best intentions.

It’s the first day of Kindergarten.  Instead of tears, I feel like blasting Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence while the baby naps, but I think that somehow defeats the purpose of enjoying the silence and would mostly likely wake the baby up.  It’s not that I’m glad to have shipped my kindergartener off to school, but I know this time of silence will be short-lived as Eli gets older and drops naps.  So I’m soaking it in.  The blinds are closed, the living room is dark, the TV is off and the only noise I can hear is the clickety clack of the keyboard.

It’s a good thing the VMA’s were last night because what else would I do this morning with my new-found moments of silence.  Poor Miley.  I hope things get better for her.

I’m curious to see how Day 2 of Kindergarten goes.  Lola is not exactly a morning person.  And by not exactly, I mean not at all.

I kept asking my husband if he was ok.  I think I made him a little self-conscious.  He finally asked why I kept asking.  I told him I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being insensitive if he was sad that Lola was starting her first day of school.  I can be a little (a lot) self-involved and forget that other people have feelings too.

Confession – I have an alarm set on my phone to pick up my daughter.  Lest you think I’m the worst mom ever.  The truth is I’m just the worst lose track of time person ever.  Thank goodness for smartphones.



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