The second day…

So it’s the second day of school.

I didn’t wake up early to go work out because I was so exhausted from the day before.  Which means I woke up with just enough time to stumble in to the kitchen to get breakfast ready.  Never a good start.

I mistakenly told my husband last night that it was not necessary to wake up Lola at 6:30.  Apparently fifteen minutes does makes a world of a difference.

My husband left early for work this morning.  He must have been under the impression that I’ve got this.  Let it be known that even when I think I’ve got this that I actually do not “got this”.  I’m so far from having this that it’s not funny.

The baby has decided that if everyone else is awake then he will not be left out.  So much for my mistaken impression that I could wake him up right before we headed out for school drop off so I could focus on one kid at a time.  Parents of multiple kids everywhere are reading this and laughing.

The first day excitement and quick moving little girl was replaced with “I’m tired”.

The five-year old wanted help getting dressed while the baby wants to be fed a bottle.  Why fend for yourself when someone else will do it?   I have two hands and my arms do not extend out like Inspector Gadget.  This is a problem.

These are the moments when rule followers can break a person.  Lola was very concerned that she would get in trouble for colorful socks when the student handbook clearly states no distracting clothing, hair and white socks.  Can a person even deal with this before the first cup of coffee?  I cannot.

I almost sent out several hateful texts to my husband this morning.  It’s a good thing we were running so behind.  I can see now how hateful texts are never a good idea for the furthering of marital bliss.

Amidst the argument regarding colorful versus white socks, the baby started crying.  Murphy’s Law.  I started yelling and making abrupt movements.  It was not my finest moment.  Somehow this only made things worse.  Isn’t yelling and abrupt movements supposed to make things better?

It’s a proven fact that as you are trying to leave the house something small but incredibly important will suddenly become a necessity.  Like having your gummy vitamins.  Very, very important.

I tried the “do over” thing.  It did nothing for me or Lola.  I actually just got angry all over again right after the do over.  Needing a do over for your do over means that everyone should crawl back into bed and just start over tomorrow.

There’s a reason why most people don’t take pictures on the second day of school.

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