Searching for Halloween Costumes…what I do instead of writing

Halloween is coming up. While I should be coming up with brilliant things to write that will launch my blog into viral stardom while simultaneously winning the lottery, I am instead trolling the web for Halloween costume ideas. I have read every single Buzzfeed costume list including but not limited to bad a** little girls, pets and their owners, two-person, makes you wish you had kids, dress like food and DIY with only 3 items costumes. And because I’m on Buzzfeed, I can’t help but notice the list of “13 things the fox says”. Because truly, what does the fox say? That is so relevant to both my writing and costume search. Am I right?

The problem is this…do I try for a family costume? Because truly, I would love it if we could be this family.


But my 5-year-old has already decided she wants to be a “playful cat” for Halloween. Don’t even ask, but yes, it’s appropriate looking. Not so much appropriate sounding. Maybe it was a lost in translation situation. Who knows. So, I don’t want to be a cat for Halloween because cute, inexpensive AND appropriate adult cat costumes don’t really exist. Plenty of inappropriate costumes though. So tirelessly searching for costumes seems like the thing to do instead of writing. That and texting my husband ideas for Halloween costumes.

Yesterday I texted him that I thought it would be awesome if I went as Robin Thicke (because there is an over abundance of pants/leggings in horizontal stripes this season) and he would go as Miley Cyrus. Awesome, right?!?!

His response….No, not awesome.

I think he would rather me write than work on insanely awesome costume ideas.

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