International Travel


It’s been four years. Four very long years since we’ve travelled internationally. We did go to Panama three years ago but it’s so easy to get there, I almost lump it in the category with traveling to Mexico.
I wouldn’t necessarily classify us as world travelers. I reserve that type of description for friends like, Lori, who have been to South Africa, Helsinki and Portugal and many, many more places across the globe. Some, in the last few months. But we’ve been places. In the first year of marriage, we went to Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Amsterdam and Paris. I mean that wasn’t a typical year of travel for us, but we normally went somewhere every year.
So we made plans. We made plans to visit family in Peru over Christmas. Our first trip in years. Our first trip with two kids. As the date got closer, we got more excited. We even frequented a new Peruvian restaraunt which made everything more exciting. Imagine all the Peruvian food we would be eating soon….in Peru!
And then finally, we were in the international terminal. And my husband and I were giddy. Excited to be in an international terminal. So excited that as one of us explored the terminal, we couldn’t help but exchange texts on our findings.

My husband: Free shots of rum at duty free

Me: I love international travel

Hubs: I was surprised to see Brookstone has their personal massagers on a big display.

Me: (I thought he meant “personal” as in, not really, but could be used in “that way” should the mood strike you. Hence my response) Well people use them on their shoulders, you know.

Hubs: I have heard they help with headaches.

But just so you know, Brookstone indeed has a rather large display of personal massagers. I guess it’s like an American Express card, accepted everywhere. So don’t travel internationally without one.

So even the pre-travel part of travel is exciting. I think my head would explode if I ever had the chance to enjoy one of those VIP travel lounges. Can’t. Even. Fathom.

We’ve done this international travel thing. We’ve even done it with a kid. Lola travelled to Peru in the first two years of her life, so how hard can it be? Bring on the red eye, the exhausted kids, the copious amounts of ginger ale. All of it. I’ll take it. I’ll take all of it.

Update: Did I mention we were traveling with kids? While the 6 year old was as close to a dream as a 6 year old traveling on a long flight can be, the 1 year old was otherwise. A friend of mine once described her two-year-old boy similar to a teenage girl. Happy one second, flat out hysterically the next. That sums up the one year old. Over-exhausted and not the seasoned world-traveler that his sister is, he was happy and then furious, laughing then crying, all smiles then angry gritted teeth and that was all before takeoff. It was awesome. My husband looked at me and said maybe we should have waited until aafter this trip to book Paris in March. Right.

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