Because I said so

We’ve all had that moment. The one where we find ourselves doing that very thing we said we would never do. I’ve done it a million times and I’m positive I will only continue to add to the list.

I will never be a runner.  I mean, I won’t EVER run for the pure joy of it. Who does that? What sane person would run unless their life depended on it? And then I started running and not because a rabid dog was chasing me.  I liked it. And just to be clear, it’s not just because it affords me 30 sometimes 40 minutes of alone time or friend time, though that is a nice benefit. It’s because it feels good to push past the first mile of questioning my sanity and the sole thought that quitting is highly underrated to get to the 2nd maybe even third mile where it actually feels good. Of course, I’m usually nearing the end of my run but that point, so there’s that to look forward to. You may not see me featured on Runner’s World (because only real runners are featured on magazines, right?), but I do like it. When I run, of course. I like it even better when I’m in shape. As my husband once said, running skinny is so much easier than running with extra weight. TRUTH.

I will never say things like, “Because I said so” when I become a parent. How else is one supposed to respond to the 30th Why? No really, if you have better responses, please send me a message. Disclaimer – I only want those tried and true things that work AFTER the 30th Why. Not all the things that you say before.

I will never, ever not love my dogs like my children. It’s called having kids. Changes all sorts of priorities. Deep down in some very small corner of my heart, I still love my dog. Really, I do. It’s just that sometimes I dislike that it’s like having a third baby. Crying in the middle of the night, throwing up all over the kitchen or worse, constantly wanting to be fed. Why can’t he feed himself yet? I mean he’s 10 now, shouldn’t he have picked up some more human traits besides wanting to sleep on the couch all day?

And now, yet again, I have added another one to the list.


I will never own a minivan. Never. Ever. Like NEVER. I will own an SUV. It’s practically the same thing, only WAY cooler. But I know myself a bit better now. I’m a creature of comfort. What’s more comfortable than the ease of getting a kid in and out of the car? Or how about the ability to transport people in one single car? How awesome is that? But there’s more – what about those sliding doors…I just died and went to heaven.  I’ve already resorted to running and saying things like because I said so, why not own a minivan?

Oh yeah, that picture…totally my daily uniform. Denim jacket, t-shirt, comfy pants. And much to my husband’s chagrin, those pants are my pajamas. For the record, my husband’s chagrin is not that I basically wore my sleepwear all day yesterday (or maybe it is), it’s that I wear sweats as sleepwear. Creature of comfort, people. Creature of comfort.

What’s next, homeschooling? Will I suddenly start wearing more denim and yoga/comfy pants…oh wait.

I’m starting to realize if I was smart, I would start making claims like “I will NEVER live in an awesome apartment near the Eiffel Tower.” or “I will never live in a fabulous but humble house on the beach in Costa Rica.”

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