Thanks Disney for another parenting technique

My 6 yr old is so many things. Relentless comes to mind. Dog with a bone as the saying goes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great trait to have in life. A great trait so long as it’s not directed at me, and certainly not at the moment when the baby is crying, needing my attention or is about to put something in his mouth. So never, really. Please don’t be relentless at me, ever. Soccer, school, ballet, everyone else – go for it.  Be relentless all day long.  You could say that this relentless pursuit of her way is my kryptonite. The more I’m exposed, the weaker I become until I lose all ability to think clearly. I eventually let her rule. I give in to the whim or I just yell – at her, the dog, the baby, my husband, empty space. Kryptonite.

Enter Disney. I mean, I pretty much rely on them for entertainment/distraction, so why not parenting?

You know that new movie, Frozen? It’s great. Lots of really great truth nuggets and parallels to our lives. One of my favorite bloggers wrote about this very thing, and I couldn’t agree more. One of the other nuggets worth mentioning – fear is your worst enemy. Truth. Additionally, the music is genius and has afforded me my latest brilliant parenting technique.
When the child was flipping out, threatening, yelling, etc. because I will not let her take the iPad for the *gasp* 10 minute drive, what better way to circumvent further flipping out than by belting out some music? Music with a subliminal overt message.
Oh yes, singing Let it Go at the top of my lungs works. It’s much kinder and more entertaining than angry yelling. I’m getting my message across. I need her to stop with the relentless pursuit and let it go before things get ugly. I caught her completely off guard because she loves that movie, and she loves that song. The craziness stopped and the duo commenced.

I know, I am constantly astounded by my parenting brilliance.

And then yesterday, when things were getting out of hand because I was being a control freak. I heard Let it Go, pop in my head. It’s possible that it was already in my head given the amount of times I have sung it the past few days, or it could be that my subconscious was trying to teach me a lesson.

In case it’s not already in your head…..

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