Merengue and the Lazy Cook

I’ve been obsessed with Tyler Florence recipes.  As in, make every recipe he’s written in a book, obsessed.  I wouldn’t say this is Julie & Julia.  Maybe it’s a way of justifying the purchases of several cookbooks.

So I made Big Papa’s Pudding Banana Pudding last night from Tyler Florence Family Meal book.  **Side Note – I buy used cookbooks because they are cheaper and I’ve discovered that while my other library is entirely mostly electronic, cookbooks should be held/touched/smudged/etc.**DSC_7821

The name alone inspires warm and fuzzy thoughts.  Given my lazy cook tendencies, I should have known better.

Merengue Before


Merengue after when in the care of a lazy cook.  I walked away for one minute!


Charred and in the trash.  Merengue is so sensitive.  You can’t walk away at all.  I’m starting to think desserts and their perfectionist tendencies may not be for me.

The redo – still a little “done”, but I’m not about to do it a third time.


Worth it.


6 thoughts on “Merengue and the Lazy Cook

  1. I admire your strength for not giving up on merengue…I also envy your strength to stop at batch number 2…. Last weekend I attempted to make it, four times. I’m still telling myself that it was a good experience, but then my receipts are screaming at me “Well, that was $10 of eggs wasted!”

  2. I love how honest you are, most people are too embarrassed to display their food fails which makes your blog all the more humorous 🙂 We have all been there, so you’re not alone lol. Keep up the good work!

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