Fingertip length shorts and Pickle Buckets

It’s that time of year again when parent’s of school aged children scramble for summer time activities. If you’re spending these next few months in the company of these kiddos, you may believe in an unstructured summer. The whole lazy days of summer and what not. I get it, but our lazy days of summer will most likely look like lazy days of watching TV all day, every day. That kind of lazy is a crime against nature, even if it is 100 degrees out.

While I didn’t go overboard, or at least that’s what I tell myself, we did sign our 6-year-old up for a few things. One of which was a Girl Scout twilight camp. When I asked my husband if we should sign her up, he asked about details. Oh you know, they learn about archery, fencing and orienteering. I don’t think I finished that sentence before he said, Done. Do it. Because, she’s not going to learn that from us. Truth.

It was no easy feat to get her signed up for camp, what with deadlines and shot records to be turned in. Of course, sign up isn’t nearly as big of an issue as follow-up. Case in point, I booked dinner on the same night as the intro meeting for camp. Why I haven’t learned to add things to my calendar is beyond me.  In the end I made it and stayed long enough to sign paperwork and pick up handouts. Thank God for understanding and flexible friends.
Before the presentation started, I glanced at the handout and spotted “Pickle Bucket”. Instantly I knew I was in over my head. This is my vision of a pickle bucket.


What can I say? I worked in a movie theatre in high school.

This is what comes up if you google “pickle bucket”. Which I would not have done because I already had my vision.


This is what the Girl Scouts mean when they say Pickle Bucket.



I might have known this if we were actually part of a Girl Scout troop and not just inviting ourselves to their camp.  Thank God I stayed long enough for the presentation because you better believe that Lola would have been toting around an old movie theatre pickle container. Read – scarring for life moment, for both of us.

When the presentation started, among the many details that were recounted, the only thing my brain latched onto were the words “fingertip length shorts”. Oh dear God. It’s like Jr. High all over again. I swear I wasn’t wearing too short shorts. My legs were just that long!!!!

My current to do list
– Figure out if Pinterest has an easy Pickle Bucket thing DIY tutorial. AS if easy and Pinterest go together.
– Buy said materials and make said bucket BEFORE the first day of camp.
– Purchase fingertip length shorts, because I’m pretty sure we don’t own any.

If we get that far, I will declare summer a success. Maybe I should rethink the whole lazy days of summer thing.

2 thoughts on “Fingertip length shorts and Pickle Buckets

  1. I just learned about fingertip length shorts! My nieces and nephew go to school in McKinney and their straps have to be three fingerwidths and shorts fingertip length. I had no idea those rules still existed! We didn’t have any rules at my school.

    • I always got in trouble. I think our rule was actually a certain couple of inches above the knee which was nearly impossible for me to find/be stylish. No fun 😦

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