The Brunch Club – About Us

Whiskey Cake

Our real name is The Brunch Club B*tches or BCB (but only if said in a loud and obnoxious, pretending that I’m a rapper sort of way). Ok, so maybe, we’re all friends from our co-ed soccer team. And we’ve had brunch twice, but already have a June date and location planned. You can call that a brunch club, right? Of course you can. It should also be said that I may, or may not have had one too many margaritas whilst texting our 2nd brunch location and felt the need to give us the above fabulous name. So there you go.

It all started as we were discussing the need for a future girl’s night. This led to a conversation where M recounted how much she missed brunch. The kind of brunch that occurred before her two boys were born. Not that you can’t go to brunch with kids. You totally can. You can have a mimosa and a coffee, but most likely won’t finish either or will drink them entirely too fast.  There is no luxuriating. No sipping.  No chatting. Conversation often gets lost when little ones are louder. And if the kiddos aren’t interrupting, you pause adult conversation with do’s and don’ts of acceptable public behavior through clenched teeth. Certainly there is no waiting 45 minutes to an hour to be seated. There are not enough games on my phone for that sort of wait. Don’t even get me started on clothing. Like I could wear something that wouldn’t get food on it. So girl’s brunch instead of girl’s night? Yes, please.

After one fabulous brunch outing, we decided that this needed to be a monthly thing. Maybe M and I insisted upon it. J found some girls brunching in DC and writing about it. Why not? Let’s brunch it up in Dallas and write about it. And more importantly, let’s keep meeting once a month for the love of all that is good in the world.

General Details:
We meet once a month.
Everyone takes a turn picking a location.
We eat and drink at a leisurely pace.  Sipping and chatting.
We wear whatever we want to wear.
We are all incredibly stylish – says me 🙂
We all play soccer together or have at one point.  Injuries and pregnancies have a way of changing our player status.
We don’t agree on everything, nor should we, but that doesn’t stop us from sharing food.
Dallas is our current location, but brunch can happen anywhere.

The Girls: 

M – A consummate professional – this chick is a serious attorney by day and an awesome mother of two boys ALL the time. Don’t even get me started on her defensive soccer skills – amaze. Gives the best high fives. M’s favorite brunch food is “grits and any kind of cake like food you can call breakfast food and pretend like you’re not having cake for breakfast.”

J – New momma and working girl. This girl is getting it all done and looking good doing it. When I first met J, she didn’t even play soccer and now, she rules the field. This girl is all heart. J’s favorite brunch food is “pancakes/waffles with whipped butter and homemade whip cream!!”

A – My personal style guru. I would be jealous, but she’s so awesome that you just can’t help but love her. She’s also my daughter’s favorite person. It may or may not be because they played soccer inside the house while my husband and I went on a date. A is single and ready to mingle. If you’re not awesome, you need not apply. A’s favorite brunch food is “carbs. Any carbs. I’ll eat them.”

R – Risk taker. Leave it all behind and work overseas for two years, why not? And if that wasn’t enough, she works with Jr. High kids. Where most people dare not tread, this girl is all in. With a little one on the way, I have no doubt she’s gonna be an awesome momma. A & R are sisters – I think stylishness runs in their family. R’s favorite brunch food is … she’s pregnant. She can eat and love or hate anything she desires.

K – If sunshine were a person, it would be K. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her willingness to love on us and our kids (which is no easy task) is a feat some might liken to a superpower. K is married, sans kids, which makes M and I appreciate how nice she is to ours. K’s favorite brunch food “and probably just food in general is definitely BACON.”

Me – Stay at home mom, left the professional life because why do something you don’t love, right? I’m still figuring it out. In regards to soccer, let’s just say I try as hard as I can. My favorite brunch food is pancakes and bacon. But, really except for Eggs Benedict, all brunch food is my favorite food. Nom. Nom. Nom.

So there you have it The Brunch Club where what we wear and what we talk about is not nearly as important as what we eat and drink. We’ve been to two places already and those reviews are coming soon. Be on the lookout for future monthly reviews and let us know if you have a favorite brunch place.

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