Watching a World Cup Match Pictorial

Our Soccer team got together to watch the US play.

“Pre” Pre-Game – Yes, we did.  The Brunch Club still goes on.  We are firm believers that brunch and supporting U.S. Soccer are not mutually exclusive.


Getting ready for the game with a Pre-Shot to the Go USA shot.




There are no pictures of the first goal against the US.  Who would do that?  Instead, here are some adorable kid pictures.

DSC_8338 DSC_8341 DSC_8381

This is what it looks like after we score an equalizer goal.

DSC_8346 DSC_8352 DSC_8342

Then it’s back to waiting and watching.


And then, the most amazing thing happened….a second goal.

DSC_8358 DSC_8365DSC_8361The Best Shot of the night only the flash didn’t go off.  Boo


Five Minutes of Stoppage time is the equivalent of soul sucking.

DSC_8378 DSC_8380

There are no after pictures because, again, who does that?  We were so close to the win.  But you know what?  Not all is lost.

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