I Can Do Scary Things


For lack of a better cooler sounding explanation, I am working on a life plan. I heard somewhere that a dream without a plan is just a wish. I have a whole heckofalot of wishes. I could buy entire countries and never have to work a day for the rest of my life with the wishes I have accumulated.

One of the first steps to creating a plan is identifying, up till now, the theme of your life. I tried this months ago and came up with a super generic/cheesy/cliché theme. Picture a really awful cheese ball saying on a cat poster and that would still be better than what I came up with.

In an effort to push forward, I gave the theme thing another go a couple of weeks ago.  What changed? I don’t know. I spent more time on it? Or rather I spent less time trying to come up with some super deep and catchy phrase that could be embossed on gorgeous paper. Wait, you don’t dream of creamy stationary strategically placed on an awesome desk that graces the cover of Real Simple magazine? Me either.

Are you ready for it? Super deep. Way catchy.

I Can Do Scary Things.

I know. I feel like going out and getting business cards printed. Picture it.

business card


Anywho. While I know that I can do scary things, it doesn’t make things less scary or easy. Take this blog for example. There’s the writing and publishing it for the world (you know, all 10 readers) to read and to critique, but that’s obviously scary. What may not be so obviously scary is the actual behind the scenes of the blog world. While WordPress makes it incredibly easy to publish, I also like things to look pretty.  Pretty isn’t always easy or cheap despite what all the commercials tell you.  I’ve been wanting a different layout for some time. But I have no idea what I’m doing behind the scenes of my blog so I usually just give up because it’s too scary.

I mean what if  I HAVE TO LEARN CODE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!?!?! What does that even mean?  I just saw the rest of my life flash before my eyes.  It involves an endless  series of Google searches.  Can’t breathe.

Did you notice? It’s so minimal, but I I totally updated it. It was soooo scary because it didn’t work right away. I momentarily freaked out and almost walked away.  Who needs a blog anyway, right?

But I can do scary things?

Did you know that there are things like FAQs and user forums where you can ask questions and get answers?!?! I know. I’m just as impressed that such a thing exists. This is what happens when you go forth and do scary things. You get stuff done and it’s not a ginormous big deal that involves learning code or whatever language the interwebz speaks. Imaging that.

Do scary things, people! Totally worth it.

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