Lessons in Photographing Snow

This morning it snowed in Dallas. White fluffy flurries fell down from the sky and it was lovely. But as luck and Dallas area weather would have it, it didn’t really stick to the ground or stick around for very long. Despite the short window, I decided that I would take advantage of it and take some photographs.

White fluffy things on his head. I. Die.




Notice that we are still in Dallas, and although there is snow in the air, there is only mud on the ground.

But since, schools were open I thought I would take some landscape pictures after drop off.  But before any of that could happen, I really needed to pick up a coffee. It being cold and all.

Once when I was fishing with my dad, I was distracted/tanning/looking in the distance/being a teenager/falling asleep and I completely missed a bite on my line that I’m sure was the biggest fish EVER. It drew me out of my stupor too late to catch that fish, but not so late that my dad didn’t pass on advice. He turned to me and said, “Missy, sometimes a fish waits until the moment you decide to light a cigarette, get a stick of gum, or take a sip of coffee to finally take the bait.” ARGH. It’s like talking to Yoda. Should I never get some gum? Maybe just always be prepared? Or maybe don’t stop for coffee when you want to photograph snow in Dallas. Because of course, it stops snowing after you get the coffee. Sigh.

I lucked out with this one little spot.



Things were really more wet than snowy…


Alas. Next time.

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