Road Trip with Kids – Day 5 of Spring Break

As in life, there are days with kids that are just awesome. It’s not perfect because that doesn’t exist, you didn’t win the lottery and throughout the course of the day you probably utter the words – stop, sssshhhhh, don’t do that, don’t touch that, be careful, leave your brother/sister alone, etc. As you may have noticed, our days throughout the course of this trip have been challenging. This is pretty normal. Life with kids is and will always be a bit of a challenge. Isn’t that just the reality of parenting and if we’re honest, life? Some days are neither insanely good nor terribly bad. Some days are downright awful. Some days are so good that you high five each other across the dinner table at a restaurant because you will be forever grateful for this day.

One of things to do is Glenwood Springs are the natural hot springs, and originally our plan included a visit. The more I thought about it the more that it didn’t seem like a good idea. Hang out in the freezing cold outdoors inside a hot pool. In theory it sounds great, but when you add the children and logic filter it looks more like – Hey, we just spent $60 to visit a hot pool with our 8 and 3 year old. Not only that, but we only lasted 5 minutes before the 3 year old was simultaneously too cold and too hot. All the while, the 8 year old couldn’t contain her excitement only to realize that after the novelty wears off, the reality is much less exciting. So, I tentatively suggested that we check out the Glenwood Springs Rec Center instead. Who’s to say that Aspen has the market cornered on great Rec Centers? After thorough communication of what this meant to the 8 year old, we left for the Rec Center. Best idea ever. $26 drop in rate, heated indoor pool with kiddie play area, AND a really hot whirlpool – that was just the aquatics part. It was so lovely that we stayed for 2 hours.

Afterward we headed out for lunch. Taqueria el Nopal was on the outskirts of town, but the food was plentiful and amazing. We struck gold when our 3 year old could not stop eating the refried beans and our 8 year old thought the steak tacos were the best she’d ever had.
Since traveling, the napping schedule wasn’t exactly happening, but today we thought, why not? Worst thing that could happen is the 3 year old does not nap which would be like every other day. Naps should be sainted. Not only do they work wonders for tired children, they also seem to work magic on adults. It’s a shame I never truly appreciated naps until college. So much precious nap times lost.

In the afternoon, we found a playground. Playgrounds are underrated. They are widely acclaimed by children everywhere regardless of location or add ons. Give a child a swing and a slide and they are happy.


or give him a purple dinosaur – that works too


This playground happened to be located near the river which brought on a completely new level of activities. There is always the tried and true throw your stick in the river.


This time we discovered the build your own cairn or stack rocks on top of each other without making them fall.

DSC_5222_blog_lgClearly this is a serious undertaking.

black and white makes everything more respectable




that time she built a cairn but got too greedy so it fell

Before dinner, we walked around town realizing that some stores sale prices are not our version of sale prices. Originally $179.99, now Only 175.99. Gee, thanks. Instead of buying a new pair of boots, we opted to blow our money on food. The burgers were yummy, but the clear winner was the mac and cheese.


loves the mac and cheese, notice i had to remove the apple peel in order for it to be edible

Although, the chocolate milkshake was a serious contender.


is it me or do their eyes look a little too “bright-eyed”


only chocolate brings people together like this

And as I shared my chocolate cake (I have no idea what came over me) with my kids, it suddenly hit me. This was a great day. Our day boiled down to playing, eating food we liked, and the consumption of chocolate in milkshake or cake form. High five to my husband across the table, because we deserved it. Day 5 was a good day people. High Five.

One thought on “Road Trip with Kids – Day 5 of Spring Break

  1. Thanks for sharing posts from your trip! We have also learned that family vacations/road trips are challenging but also provide great memories. I have also learned to bring my own knife every where I go so I can cut the peel off of apples.

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