Road Trip with Kids – All Good Things Must Come to An End

Spring Break is officially over and so is our road trip to Colorado. I’ve been sitting here for the past three hours trying to come up with something to say about our last few days. Here goes.

Things I learned at the end of our trip:

Some of us like to pretend to be ice skaters, but need more practice or better shoes.



She did perfect the landing not on your bootie


The game Subway Surfers can cause both immense frustration and incredible excitement, both of which produce loud shrieks that are sometimes hard to distinguish.

Not all indoor hotel pools are heated to what I would consider acceptable.

I still love the Denver Zoo and could hang out there all day.


I’m not so sure I would step in the river at Confluence Park but some of the street art nearby is worth the visit.


Napping should always be taken seriously, even if that means you drive around the city while using a blanket to produce a nap worthy environment.


Visiting places and people with kids while on the road provides perspective and diminishes the feeling of loneliness. My child is a picky eater too! We raise our voices when our kids won’t behave, listen, whatever, too! We all need to feel like we’re not the only ones affected by this thing called “trying to parent”.

Nature is awesome. It just is.


REI after season deals are the best and so is their indoor play area at the Denver location.


I’m not so good with endings; end of the day, end of a party, end of a trip – when I know the end is in sight, I’m done. Not like I’m exasperated done, just done – ready to move on.

Our 3 year old son assumes that any older gentleman with white hair and beard is Santa. Sorry sir, I tried to shush him, but he was pretty convinced.

I shouldn’t take our bed for granted. It is a luxury item that I only wish could travel with us everywhere we go.

I love and miss the mountains though I’m a far cry from being outdoorsy.

Nothing beats having memories to rehash.

A very BIG thanks to our dear friends the Wadles for putting us up for the night on our last night in Denver. Being surrounded by great people was definitely the best way to end a trip.
Best of all to you that are just beginning your Spring Break!

3 thoughts on “Road Trip with Kids – All Good Things Must Come to An End

  1. The most impressive thing, to me, is that you blogged along the journey. When did you find time to download photos, edit, upload and type up a witty commentary to go along with it?

    • When you share hotel rooms with kids you go to bed when they do or else they don’t sleep. And since you can’t watch crap tv when they are in the same room, I wait until they are asleep and fire up the laptop. It’s actually amazing how much more I get done on the road than when I’m at home.

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