For The Love of Bluebonnets

You would think that at this age, almost 40 and still thinking I’m hovering around 35, there would be few things that surprise me. Like few things that surprise me about myself. I mean, plenty of things in this world surprise me, just look at the current circus that is American politics. But this is not a political post, this is a post about me and my love of bluebonnets. Or my love of taking pictures of my kiddos and others in bluebonnets.


I like to think that my tastes are somewhat unique and non-traditional, though apparently every Buzzfeed quiz I take says I lean toward Basic tendencies….something to do with my love of Starbucks and small tattoos. But, I constantly surprise myself with the need to take the often considered iconic/traditional/cliche kids/families in bluebonnets picture. Seriously, when bluebonnet season rolls around, I scope out my usual spot and then I get to work planning outfits, shoes, accessories, time of day, etc. This year I may or may not have sprung our kiddos bluebonnet sessions on everyone at the last minute. My husband loves surprises.  And I may have laid on the guilt pretty thick with our 8 year old about how this was the ONLY time for us to take pictures before the flowers went away until next year. I regret nothing.

And because I love bluebonnets so much, I thought I would offer mini sessions this year. Everyone should get a chance to fall in love with this Texas wildflower. And these mini sessions did not dissapoint….I can’t get over the beauty that I am exposed to because of photography. And because I love these shots so much I can’t help but share.

These nuggets…can you handle it?  Because while taking their pictures and then editing, my entire vocabulary is cute and more cute.



This little girl…my son loves her, I adore her.  You might think she was coached on these poses, but it just comes natural to her.



This is my second year taking bluebonnet pictures of these adorable girls and I can’t believe how much they have grown up in just one year!  Make it stop.  I think that may be the hardest thing about photography.   It is so hard to see these precious ones grow up.  I can only imagine how their parents feel.  Pause while I get a tissue.



Let’s not forget about the furry members in our families.  I think this little guy immediately shared my love of bluebonnets.DSC_7191_blog_lg


Have you fallen in love with this Texas wildflower yet?  If not, check out these adorable siblings.  The sweetness of this picture is everything that is right in the world.



And these siblings checking out their brother sitting up without much help is priceless.  In a different frame, it totally looked like they were fist bumping at his success. #welovewill



Did you know bluebonnets are not just for kiddos?  I’m rarely in a bluebonnet picture so it might seem like it’s not an adult thing, but that’s only because I’m behind the camera.  This family proves how absolutely necessary for everyone to be in the picture.


I’m pretty sure that every word out of my mouth during this family’s session was gorgeous and love.  I’m going to have to start carrying a thesaurus.


Last but not least, these sweet girls and their mom.  I could have stayed all day capturing their fun and wild beauty.


BLUEBONNETS people!  It’s not just a Texas thing, it’s a get out in nature and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us thing.

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