Gavitt Sisters Senior Photos Quick Peek

It’s a new year, but I’m not done posting my 2016 Quick Peeks. And because I often get a little wordy/gushy, I’m posting these to my blog from now on.

Each session I photograph brings its own moments. If it’s an event, I get to experience large group interactions or meet people I might never cross paths with otherwise. When it’s portraits, there are hugs, laughter, family relationships, personal interactions and more than likely, inspiration…for me, that is. The Gavitt Senior Session was inspiring and more. Of course when photographing people who are on the brink of major life changes, you can’t help but be inspired. There are the next steps – more school, alternative career, hopefully travel.  There is also the general excitement of something new happening, because graduating from high school and moving further into adulthood is very new.

But to me, the majority of my inspiration came during the editing process. Frame after frame of these twin sisters made me think of the way youth is portrayed in the media.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount the use of models or celebrities in main stream media, but I couldn’t help but wonder why not a more realistic picture of youth today? Why is it that magazines don’t use girls like the Gavitt sisters?  These girls are the real deal.  Not only are they outwardly beautiful, but inwardly they have so much to show the world. Their opinions on literature, music, and science are worthy of publication.  Throughout the editing process, I was reminded of the conversations we had during our session.  It made me realize that these are the girls whose opinion I would want to hear.  I’m not saying today’s celebrities have nothing to contribute, because there are some that are creating positive and thoughtful changes in their own circles.  But these girls, these Gavitt sisters, they are girls that I get. These girls are going to prom, picking out outfits, finishing up exams, dog sitting, volunteering, spending the night with friends and working on college essays.

In a world ripe with celebrity gossip and extravagant lifestyles, I want more reality.  Not scripted reality.  But rather the beauty that is intertwined with reality – a physical and outward manifestation of beauty, that is also represented by inward strength and thoughtfulness surrounded by the mix of everyday activities.  But maybe I’m just showing my age.  Or maybe these girls really are the real deal.






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