Quick Peek – The Robinson Family

My session with the Robinson family happened on one of the chillier days that we had in Dallas this past December.  And despite the fact that they were mostly freezing while I took their family pictures, the Robinson’s hung in there.

Of course I loved that this family made it work despite the incredible cold.  What photographer doesn’t love a client that powers through?  But the best part of a photo session isn’t the client’s resilience, but rather the moments that you get to share with them.  While we commiserated about the sudden change in weather, I loved the opportunity to hear how college and high school are treating the kids as well as the parents.  Because to be sure, when it comes to kids, you are always in a constant state of change. And in the midst of all this change, I’m so honored to be the person that gets to capture this moment in time.  With that, here are a few of my favorites from The Robinson’s Family Session for 2016.


Oh siblings.  It’s a love/hate relationship isn’t it?  And while they mostly tolerate each other now, I have no doubt these adorable guys will one day be the best of friends.


I also had the privilege of photographing this beautiful couple as they celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary two summers ago.  The beauty of their marriage and relationship as captured in photos never ceases to amaze me.

We worked quickly on this day in order for everyone to return to a warmer place, and I couldn’t have asked for a better session.  Because to be a part of laughter and joy even while freezing, will always be my favorite thing about photography.



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