Dirba Morrison Wedding Quick Peek

One of the things you learn as you grow in anything is the underlying theme to your work.   When it comes to photography, I recognize that the types of images I like to capture always have people.  Even in the beginning when I fooled myself into thinking I was into photographing architecture,  my images predominately concentrated on people – kids at play, my dear friend trying on wedding dresses for the first time.  People are my theme.  But when you have experience in various areas of photography how do you classify yourself – am I a wedding photographer, do I only shoot portraits or would I prefer the fashion end of photography?  I guess I would say that with the exception of the occasional product photography, I am a people photographer.  It seems so vague to say that, but it’s at the very heart of my love for what I do.


When a former colleague approached me about photographing his wedding, I didn’t hesitate.  Does that make me more of a wedding photographer.  Does it matter?  It’s all about the people.  The people getting married, the family and extended family, the friends – it’s all of these people.  Capturing the people at this very special moment in time.

That being said, I could go on and on and on about the details of the Dirba Morrison wedding.  The floral arrangements and cake were stunning.

I could also show you shot after shot of the stunning visual display created for this event by The Color Condition.  Their creation was absolutely breathtaking.

From the gorgeous Stoneleigh Hotel to the scrumdidlyumptious Shipley Donuts that were handed out to parting guests, everything was perfection.

But perfect details pale in comparison to the love and joy that permeated this event.  I was completely awestruck at moments –  I smile just thinking about the laughter that was shared, the tears that were shed as everyone sang in unison, Your Song.  Above all the love –  the love that these two amazing people have for each other and the abounding love that those celebrating this day have for these two people.  My hope is that in viewing these images you will be struck not just by this love, but that you will be reminded and relish the love that surrounds your own life.   I hope you enjoy a quick peek into this beautiful wedding I was honored to capture.









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