Birthday Photoshoot

There is something so very bittersweet about aging.  The older you get, sometimes it feels a little more bitter than sweet.  But in your youth, the passing of time marks so much –  knowledge, growth, change, new responsibilities, new abilities.  So very sweet and yet for those of that witness this growth, it can very much be a teeny bit bitter.  We wish to stop time, hoping that all of the good parts of childhood would hang on just long enough that deeper understanding of life would not be clouded with negativity.  Just long enough so that the incredible wonder and magic of life would supersede the disenchantment. That the beauty would always outweigh the ugly, that creativity and imagination would always overcome the impossible.

This is how I approached a recent photo shoot with this sweet girl as she turns 6.  It’s so easy to see her as a growing young lady.  Sweet and full of sass and fun.  An absolutely stunning little girl with the most amazing family.


And personally, I love these images.  But she’s growing so fast that I had to capture more of the childhood moments, if for nothing else but to remind myself and others of the wonder and magic of this world.

And so I captured the following series of images that I love as much as I love seeing her sweet smiling face.




Sweet girl – I hope you grow into the amazing human you were always meant to be and all the while may you skip and twirl your way through life.


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