Sneak Peek – Piper B Baby Shower

If you haven’t heard me say it before, your village is everything.  Maybe your village at times is comprised of only your immediate family, maybe it’s you and one other person, maybe it’s a large but tight-knit group of people.  Whatever the size of your village, nurture them, let them nurture you.  Some people call it a network, others a community.  Whatever you call it, treasure it always in whatever season you find yourself in.

Recently, I had the joy and of course, always the honor, of capturing a village of people loving on a new mommy to be.  And again, I say, as much as I’m giving to my clients by providing them with these images, I gain so much because I share in their joy AND I’m reminded of the blessing of my own village.

Here’s a sneak peek of Piper’s village and the love they share for each other as the prepare to welcome a new member this fall.


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