Hot Takes – The Paris Edition

Not sure why we use this turn-of-phrase, but in our family, hot takes are given after a sporting events, about outfit choices, in response to TikTok videos or any other social media, when observing character traits, and generally on the fly on any given topic.

Of course we have hot takes on Paris.

Day one of travel where sleeping on a plane is strongly recommended is not for me. I’m not saying I can’t sleep on a plane, I just don’t do it well. And because I don’t sleep well or adjust appropriately to not sleeping, I become insufferable. First delirious, then insufferable.

Those Nespresso people don’t always make the best cup of coffee.

Everything tastes better in Paris. Well almost everything.

Parents, you are not alone in the struggle to get a picture of your kid. The famous painter Renoir had to threaten and bribe his son to pose for a portrait. It happens to all of us.

No bribes were promised for this picture, but there was begging.

Not all hot water heaters are created equally. Some adjust their temperature slowly and some go from zero to scalding with the tiniest fraction of a turn.

Crepes for every meal is completely acceptable.

Some people have all the energy. I don’t want to do away with the energy, I would just like to absorb some of it.

We did a ton of takes. He kept jumping and never tired. Why can’t I feel that way.

In-ear, noise cancellation headphones are a worthy investment. My husband snores. But those aren’t the only sounds that might interrupt sleep. There are sirens, people, dogs, cars, pigeons and every other city noise. But I didn’t hear a single one once I put in those headphones. Noise cancellation silence is golden.

For now, and who knows for how much longer, playgrounds while traveling are still a hit.

I don’t know how anyone travels with their family and writes and curates photos in a timely manner. Maybe no one really does that any more. Everything is on social and instant.

Normally I would be asleep, but clean clothes matter. I’m waiting for the washer to finish so I can start a new load.

I require alone time to remain sane. I require sleep more than alone time, but I still require alone time. I’m not sure how to make this equation work without bringing in screen time.

I could have packed two less tops and one less pant. In case anyone is wondering.

I know when you’re 17, you probably don’t care about history or maybe don’t make the connections. Keep it to yourself. Don’t tell everyone you don’t use the audio guide because all they talk about is how this is where Marie Antoinette slept. The superficiality of a king and queen’s two bedrooms – one to show the public your nighttime routine and the other for actual sleep is interesting. It was like Instagram for the 18th century.

I dig a good twirl picture.

I love Versailles. I know the King and Queen abandoned their people and lived it up there, but I still love it. The heart wants what the heart wants. I feel the same way about the Eiffel Tower.

It used to be that Paris was filled with cats. I have seen zero cats. I have however seen a million runners.

I deeply dislike traveling with luggage on the Paris metro.

Paris apartments in the right photographer’s hands may seem larger than they appear.

That’s all for Paris. Actually my second load of laundry is almost done, and I’m way past my bed time.

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