Faux Mountains

This could be the sort of thing that only happens to me….if it does just humor me and go along with me as I write this.  I have this uncanny way of visually relating things that are not always related.  I know some of you have done this.  You see someone you recognize you wave or say hi.  At that precise moment, sheer terror seizes you as you realize that you don’t know this person at all.  And if you’re anything like me, you feel an inexplicable need to explain why you did what you did.  Which in fact just makes the situation more awkward.  You look just like…No really, it’s uncanny.  Honey, doesn’t she look like…on and on.

Today as I was driving home and as I looked off in the distance, I thought for a nanosecond that if you squinted one eye and tilted your head you could see the Rockies.


You see it too, don’t you?  No?  Ok, maybe they’re just clouds in Dallas.  I was recently in Denver, so it’s fresh on the mind.  It’s not so farfetched, right?  Anyone?

I wish I could say that these occasions are limited to spying mountains in clouds.  Once, we were heading to a friend’s house.  We pulled up to the curb, got out and made out way to the front door.  I thought it weird that the lights were off since they were expecting us, but quickly dismissed the notion.  The door opens…that’s weird.  I don’t recognize this face.  It must be one of their friends I haven’t met yet.  So I step inside the house because naturally our friends are probably upstairs occupied with something which is why their friend answered the door.  Naturally.  After an effusive HI!, it hits me.  Wait, I was just here the other day.  I thought the stair case wrapped the other direction.  OH MY GOD.  We are in the wrong house.  Of course, this kind neighbor has already made this assessment and is allowing the information to hit me.  I did go into a quick explanation about how our friend’s house is very similar and it’s on the same street, and it’s a new development, but the staircase goes in the opposite direction….and then we ran away.

Suddenly clouds as mountains is not such a bad thing.


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