Playgrounds and Bliss

I read something in one of those French parenting books that kids can play without our constant intervention. How is that possible? How can a child know what to do on a playground, if we don’t show them? What will the French think of next, that kids will eat anything? Balderdash.

For the 4 years after my daughter was walking, we climbed too small ladders, slid down narrow, kid-booty sized slides, and bumped our heads on crossbars. Despite the glaring architectural red flags, I insisted that it was necessary. How in the world was she supposed to walk, climb, slide on her own?

Did you know that kids can play on a playground without our help? I’m amazed. Are you? It’s not like I’m sitting on a park bench enjoying some coffee simultaneously taking candid pictures while my toddler plays on the playground without me. Because that would be wrong. Right? So wrong.

A crazy thing happens when you decide not to hover, they figure out a lot of things on their own. Not everything, but a lot. Something else happens. It was 30 minutes of bliss. I was happy, my little boy was happy. Pure bliss.



Lest this come across as judgmental or as some attempt at selling myself as perfect, I should mention that I absolutely wiped down the wet and muddy slides.

Yes, I did.

I may hover a little less, but I can’t get rid of neurotic tendencies that drive me to wipe down a playground slide with a wet wipes.  Perfection will always allude me.  Alas, such is life.

.DSC_8925Of course, fat lot of good that did me

3 thoughts on “Playgrounds and Bliss

  1. That darn French article…it really has messed with my friends and I too. I always carry my antibacterial wipes everywhere. I think it helps to wipe them down after playing on the playground. I have actually noticed that they do not get sick as often.

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