Product Testing

I’ve been wanting a new couch for a while, 8 years give or take. We replaced our oversized sectional with a leather sectional when I was pregnant with our daughter. When we purchased it, I was totally on board. Then, around month 8 of pregnancy, I sat on it for a length of time and realized that this couch was indeed a mistake. The back support was non-existent. I mean it was there, but it was a low couch which meant in order to get any type of support for my upper back I needed to lay down which seems to go against the intended function of a couch. Unless, of course, the primary purpose of your couch is for sleeping, in which case that couch is perfect for that function.
Fast forward to the present moment. I have been sitting on a couch in Big Lots for the last twenty minutes. Let’s discuss Big Lots, the store. It serves its purpose – discounted items, random cheap things, but in all honesty, it’s not a place I normally frequent. I wouldn’t normally associate it with quality, and therefore can’t be bothered to spend my precious time just hanging out looking for something discounted that I’ve always wanted/needed. And admittedly, I can be a bit of a shopping snob. I shop sales, and I shop cheap stores. If I can’t have quality, then I definitely want inexpensive, but I the most important thing is style. And, Big Lots is not normally what I would associate with style.
So, what would bring me into Big Lots in the first place? The search for the ever elusive Made for TV Hot Buns.  Makes beautiful buns in a minute. Just Roll, Snap and Wrap.


As I entered the store, I spotted a couch. It looked comfy, slightly bigger than what we need, but at a whopping $600 it was a steal of a deal. It’s stylish enough and most definitely the right price. Because people, I have Cheetos eating, chocolate melts in your grubby hands, wipe it on any surface kiddos. So, would I love a gorgeous overpriced couch from some fabulous design store? Of course. But will I lose my sh*t the second these little people get something on that couch? Most definitely. I should also mention I’ve spilled a significant amount of coffee on our current couch, so it might not only be the little people who have a penchant for messes.
So here I am, sitting on a couch at Big Lots because even at a steal of a deal, I want to be darn sure that I’m getting the right amount of back support.


I took my shoes off a little while ago. I really want to take a nap, but am thinking that there is a high likelihood of drooling and well that would be embarrassing and just wrong. The sales staff have been extremely supportive. I may have to rethink my previous judgement on Big Lots.

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