Where Children Sleep by James Mollison

I read a post about Where Children Sleep a book by James Mollison today.  You can view an online version of the book at ISSU.

Needless to say it’s a different way at looking at Interiors.  I’m reminded how lucky we are.  I don’t necessarily feel like running out and donating all of Lola’s toys.  I don’t think that solves anything.  It’s just a mental note that rather than buying something to fix my problem, Lola’s problem (which is usually really my problem), or my husband’s problem, I can spend on things that won’t fade, break, disappear, or are subject to the economic downturn.

I’m also reminded that there is a whole wide world out there that I know very little about.  Much, much, much larger than I imagine.  It’s not a bad thing, it’s just good to be reminded.  It leads me back to my earlier point – it makes me realize I’m lucky.  It also gives me a desire to know more.  For myself, for Lola.  It’s good to broaden your awareness.    If nothing else, awareness helps me be less quick to judge solely on appearance.
I also realize that I tend to hide my head in the sand.  If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist and therefore does not require any action on my part.  The reality is that things don’t just happen thousands of miles away on a different continent, they happen here.  Maybe across town, or even across the street.   Which means, I have to take action: reach out, open myself to others, allow people to see the imperfections, help out when it’s not convenient or comfortable.  Do for others as I wish they would do for me.  Not martyrdom, just life.  if I want people to be my friend, proffer help, I guess I should do the same for them.

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