Swedes, Swedes, glorious swedes

I’ve been following this blog – Design Mom.  It’s ok if you’re into really cool design and someone that is blogging from France.  I mean I guess that’s cool.  I’m not jealous or anything.  Really. 

She recently wrote about some travel she did in Sweden and the visit she paid to Polarn O. Pyret. OMG.  TDF (To. Die. For).  Ok, not really to do die for that’s just a little bit of drama, but the kid’s clothes are so stinking cute.  Below are some of the pictures.

I mean, really, are those patterns and colors just fabulous?  I can totally see Lo wearing the green dress with yellow trim.  Love it.

And the stripes.  Oh the glorious stripes.  Oh yeah, and they also do maternity clothes.  No I have no news that I’m waiting to spill, I just appreciate fun unique clothes, especially maternity wear. 

 There’s a store in Greenwich, CT in case anyone is heading that way.  But wait, you can also shop online!  If you decide to buy anything online, let me know so I can come over and drool.

Did I mention the company is Swedish?  I mean how can you dislike the motherland of Ikea?  Seriously.

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