Death and Taxes

Have I mentioned Dave Ramsey, before?   Of course, I’ve mentioned him.  Sometimes after I’ve finished bowing to Steve Jobs in the East, I turn and bow to Dave in the South.  I even listen to his podcasts from time to time.  Unheard of.

In all seriousness, you could say Dave Ramsey is pretty awesome.  He’s funny, makes sense and mostly exceeded my expectations.  So I’ve taken quite a few of his financial planning lessons to heart.  Like diversifying my portfolio.  Sounds cool right?  Aside from hopefully making more money on my investments, more importantly is the fact I actually understand what that even means now.  I used to plug my ears at the mere mention of a portfolio because I had no idea what was being said.   

Thanks to Dave, I’m also making better decisions.  Like for example, why spend $20 on a dress that I don’t really really want, when I could save my money and buy the dress I REALLY want – maybe even on sale.  Novel concept.  Or wait, maybe even buy a refurbished product.  What?!?  I know, I shocked myself with that decision.  Of course I don’t always make the right decision, but it’s a start.

The other thing I took to heart was Estate Planning.  That’s right, we now have Life Insurance AND a will.  All that to say that not only do I feel more responsible, but suddenly I feel more mortal.  I’m not sure what I was expecting.  Maybe I thought I would get bit by a vampire and live forever.  That’s what you get when you read Twilight too many times.  Thank goodness I haven’t been watching Shawn of the Dead, otherwise my fate would be less romanticized and more gross zombie takeover.

I’m pretty sure I would rather be this…

Than this…

Gross, right?

Of course, that’s all make-believe.  The reality is we have Life Insurance AND  a Will now.  All this on a Tuesday, much too close to Monday.  I think I’m going to have to buy a new pair of shoes soon to lessen the blow to my mortality.  Sorry Dave Ramsey.

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