Don’t be fooled

I’ve never given much credit to our Weimaraner.  Truth be told, I don’t think he’s very smart.  He’s a bit of a doof, most definitely quite clumsy, skittish at the mere drop of a pin, and he typically wears a look on his face that does not conjure up thoughts of alertness.  Unless of course it involves food and then he transforms into the smartest, fastest dog ever.

I’m still not quite sure how a dog that usually can’t stay upright on 4 legs when walking on tile can manage to steal 9 cookies off a cookie sheet without making a noise or pulling the cookie sheet onto that same tile floor.

Don’t be fooled, though he often wears this look…

He’s not entirely aloof.  Those big eyes and quizzical brow are all part of his plan.  He is quite aware of what is going on.

I should have known when he stole those cookies Mission Impossible style that I had underestimated his abilities.  I didn’t catch on to his true intelligence until recently.   I was watching TV and he started whining.  It could be that he had to go outside.  It could be that he wanted to go outside only to be let back in immediately once he figured out it was either too cold, rainy or boring in the backyard.  I had just let him out so I ignored him.  Refused to glance his way.  His whining got louder.  When I again refused to make eye contact, he took up the following position.

Notice he’s not dead center in front of the TV, but just enough in my line of sight that he can’t be ignored.  That head is so huge that it’s not easily tuned out.  And he’s smack in front of the receiver part of the TV.    I can’t change the channel or turn up the volume unless he moves or I move.  At first I thought it was a fluke, but not so.  He did it again last night.  How is this possible?  Clearly I underestimated his abilities.  There’s no telling what goes on when we’re not at home.

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