Happy Wednesday…brought to you by dancing flight attendants

I ran across a video showing Delta workers in a Flash Mob.  It was fun but it also made me kind of sad.  Sad because if companies capitalize on the trend to amp up their PR then everyone will do it, people will stop doing flash mobs for the sake of doing a flash mob and my world will come to an end. 

Of course I’m kidding, my world will not come to an end.  It will continue to move along waiting for the next trendy dance craze to surface.  And the reality is that I, much like many others, will continue to watch flash mobs and secretly wish to participate in one regardless of the circumstance under which they are performed.  Because the truth is, some flash mobs are totally worth it.  Like the Finnair employees performing a Bollywood flash mob on a flight to Delhi on India’s Republic Day.  Oh Happy, Happy Wednesday.  I only wish I had seen this sooner.

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